About Us


15 Locks was founded in 2015 by Sam and Callie Kokajko. They started the company after playing several escape rooms and noticing 2 main things; 1. They had a blast playing them and 2. Escape rooms can be so much more.

Now bringing all of their technical theatre background to the game they have set out to build the most interactive, immersive and integrated escape rooms and technical props available. And thus 15 Locks PuzzleWerks was born.

We offer everything from off-the-shelf escape room props and puzzles to custom designs to full-fledge integrated room design and build services. Have a crazy idea but can’t figure out how to build the electronics behind it? We’d love to help. Our specialty is taking all of the elements of the room and syncing them together so they are one cohesive story telling piece. In a sense making the experience theatrical. That way when the main action is triggered by the players in the room, the soundtrack changes to follow them, the lights change, the door opens, a video comes on the screens and talks to them. The room knows where they are, the room knows what they did and what they need to do. It puts them in the story.